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Jan 22, 2018



More listings for Ireland (Eire)It is possible to find an Irish castle for sale. If you are determined, patient, and have the resources, you can buy a castle in Ireland. If you do the research and are committed to the project, you can own a very special property!
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Patricia G. McKinney-Lins

Submitted by : Patricia G. McKinney-LinsARTICLE :

Have you ever dreamed about living in a castle? Have you imagined waking up in the morning and feeling like royalty? Well, consider making that dream a reality! Finding Irish castles for sale is possible. By following the suggestions I collected on my most recent trip to Ireland, you can purchase your very own Irish castle.

Castles in Ireland are plentiful. Not only are there expensive, beautifully-restored five-star castle hotels, but there are countless castles in various states of preservation and many, many castle ruins in disrepair. A few castles in each category come on the real estate market from time to time. Your budget and ambition will determine which segment of the market you are in.

You can get an idea of the variety of castles for sale by doing a quick internet search. There are a few castles listed on real estate sites, although some of the "castles" listed look like regular residences. Maybe these homes are in the category of "a person's home is their castle". Properties with views of castles nearby are also listed as "castles" for sale. Castle-shaped homes are also shown. Be sure to look for an authentic, original castle when you do your search.If you are a buyer from outside of Ireland, you will need a representative in the country. Real estate agents in Ireland are called "Auctioneers" or "Estate Agents", and work independently or belong to a group. The agents represent both buyers and sellers.In the Republic of Ireland, most Estate Agents belong to the Irish Auctioneers and Valuers Institute or the Institute of Professional Auctioneers and Valuers and are state licensed. Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom and has a separate system of licensing.

Local and international property listing companies specialize in the rental and sale of Irish castles. If you are a qualified buyer, your agent will let you know when a castle in your desired location is listed for sale. It takes time, but castles do become available.If you decide to buy a castle, your agent will handle the closing; you should also hire a solicitor (lawyer) to handle your legal work. A factor you must consider when buying an Irish castle is that most castles need extensive repairs. Castles are ancient and some have even been vacant for centuries. Before buying a castle, it is important to get price estimates for necessary renovations from contractors. Total project prices can range from several hundred thousand euros to more than just one million. The cost of owning a castle, even after renovation, can be monumental. A less costly option is to buy a castle ruin and leave it that way! There are hundreds of historic partial castle ruins throughout Ireland. You may find a piece of land with a castle ruin on it and build your own cottage or home on the same property.

After purchasing your castle, renovating it can be exhausting. It is possible to do it yourself if you can be in Ireland often or have the resources to manage the project from a distance. If not, help is available for the whole process.A "Property Locator" will work on your behalf during the entire process of buying and renovating a castle. He or she will look for a castle for you based on all your needs and consult with agents, architects, solicitors and engineers to find your perfect purchase and price. The Property Locator will also manage the renovation of the castle. It is an expensive service, but will give you the security of having your project in expert hands.

If you decide that buying a castle in Ireland is your dream, the effort is worth the reward of owning one of the most unique properties in the world.


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