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Jan 22, 2018



More listings for Ireland (Eire)Visit Killarney, Ireland for a true Irish experience. You will love the scenery, the history, the activities, the food, the drink and the music. Ross Castle and Killarney National Park are just two of the places you must visit while in gorgeous Southwest Ireland. Enjoy.
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Submitted by : Patricia G. McKinney-LinsARTICLE :

Among the most beautiful places in the world is Killarney, Ireland. Even the most experienced traveller will put Killarney on the list of most spectacular places on earth.

Killarney offers the opportunity to experience the mystery, the magic, the history and the majesty of Ireland. If you are lucky enough to visit Ireland, you must make a point to visit the Killarney region.

There are a number of reasons you may want to center your visit to the Emerald Isle around your adventures in Killarney in County Kerry. Killarney has an old world charm that is appealing to every traveler. The memories of your visit will stay with you long after you have returned home.

Killarney is filled with a history unrivaled by many other great European towns. The history of nearby Ross Castle can be traced back to the 15th century. The cultural heritage of the region makes Killarney an intriguing place to visit. Killarney's rich past and lore leaves you wanting to return for more.The scenery in and around Killarney brings many visitors to the southwest Ireland each year. Although it is a busy town, it is still possible to get away from the crowds to enjoy the surrounding rural area. The gently rolling hills, the gardens, and the lakes contribute to the idyllic landscape. The panoramic views and vistas are breathtaking; photographic opportunities abound.

There are many places to visit and things to do in Killarney. You will definitely want to take time during your travels to see the Muckross House, Gardens, and Traditional Farm. The home, built in the mid 19th century, makes for a glorious tour and the gardens are simply spectacular. The working farm will take you back in time to experience early twentieth century rural Irish life. You will see the beauty as well as the heartache that is so much a part of Ireland’s past.

Killarney is also filled with many legends that make Irish history so special. At Ross Castle you will see one of the last holdouts from Cromwell’s invasion centuries ago. The castle is situated on the banks of Lough Leane, one of the stunning lakes of Killarney National Park. Ross Castle is a typical Irish stronghold of the Middle Ages. It was built by one of the O'Donoghue Ross chieftains. It was surrounded by a fortified wall and circular towers. The castle contains 16th and 17th century furnishings. Its four floors include the great hall, the parlour and the bed chamber. The castle is nicely restored; you will enjoy the display room and a guided tour. During the busy summer months, you may have to wait a bit for your tour. But don't worry; sitting outside by the lake shore gives you a nice break from your sight-seeing.You may want to hire a boatride from Ross Castle to Innisfallen Island. The island is one mile from shore and has the remains of an abbey founded in about 600AD. Some visitors take a picnic and relax before resuming their travels.

After your visit to Ross Castle, you will want to explore more of Killarney National Park. The park provides you with a phenomenal experience of Irish nature. The rocky terrain of the mountains is dotted with wildflowers and waterfalls. You can take a horse-drawn carriage (called a jaunting car) ride with a friendly driver, a hike to Torc Waterfall, or a boat excursion on another of the Killarney Lakes.

If you like to golf or fish, you will be in heaven at nearby Killarney Golf and Fishing Club. When I took my children to Killarney, my son took a golf lesson and my daughter and I just enjoyed the scenery and a lunch. Any activity you choose in Killarney will leave you with a love of the splendor of the Irish countryside.

For a taste of the history of Ireland along with a new experience every day, there is simply no better place on Earth to visit than Killarney. Your memories from Killarney will last you a lifetime. A trip to Killarney is a chance to make your travel dreams come true.

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