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East Africa Safari

11 April 2014 - Our group of photographers got seriously swindled by East Africa Safari/George Ngondo. We planned a 2013 Kenya/Tanzania safari with him and paid in full, months in advance, and 2 days before we were to leave the United States for Nairobi, he informed us that due to financial problems he would not honor our safari and would give us a refund in 3 months. We lost thousands in non-refundable air fare, and 4 months later (December, 2013) and many, many excuses from George, we still have not received a refund. We found another group from Australia that had the same thing happen to them and is still trying to get a refund a year later. While we are devastated, we learned a lot that can help other travelers, starting with (1) stay away from Edge East Africa Safari and George Ngondo, (2) look for tour operators that are members of KATO (East Africa Safari is not), as KATO will insure your safari, (3) buy airline tickets directly from the airlines, not from 3rd parties as 3rd parties often have a zero-refund policy whereas most airlines will let you rebook for $50-$250 extra, so you don't loose all of your airfare. - [ by: Guest ]

Cab Gurgaon

30 June 2012 - Thats really nice site... I think it is best online portal for Car rental services.... - [ by: Guest ]
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Oct 22, 2017



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